Wednesday, June 08, 2016

FUNDANGO goes to Schools

We are excited to share with you that our first batch of FUNDANGO are out for distribution today!

In three huge vans our three teams today took the treasure FUNDANGO chest to almost 9 schools.

The  Spunky kids helping to set up FUNDAGO at a school in Shenoy Nagar

                       Vidhya explaining to the teachers on how to use FUNDANGO

The Headmaster worried about the safety of the Lenovo tab and Vidhya assuring her! 

Acquainting with FUNDANGO

NalandaWay staff is getting ready to distribute the FUNDANGO kits to schools in Chennai.  But not before they get acquainted with it!

Gomanthi Shankar instructing on how to use FUNDANGO to the staff 

Our Staff soaking it in 

Fun begins begins with....

FUNDANGO is a treasure chest filled with goodies to arouse curiosity in children and bring out their creativity.    NalandaWay plans to distribute 25 FUNDANGOS to Chennai Primary Schools.  

If the kids want to draw, there are supplies to make paintings, puppets and go wherever their creativity leads them. 

They can dive into world of books in Tamil and English on wildlife, famous personalities, interesting places, things to do, fun stories and amazing poems.

Music instruments like small drums and Kanjera and others are available to bring out the
AR Rahman in them!

There are board games to play and Oh WAIT….a Lenovo tablet awaits the kids! The tablet is loaded with over 70 demo videos on painting, drawing, sketching and the likes.

The idea of FUNDANGO is for the kids to open the chest, pick what interests him or her and just roll with it.  Self leaning with no structure and following only curiosity can show amazing results in learning.   Our small endeavour in this process.

So let the fun begin!