Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thank you Anitha

I thank you sincerely for your perseverance and creativity in handling the problem that you have encountered. We are conducting a training programme at MindTree Consulting in Bangalore the following week. With your permission I would like to recognise your effort and share your experience with the participants.

I remember Sonal hitting a similar bottleneck earlier with her mentee - Vedapriya. May be she could also share her experience with the group.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005


The last time I had made a contribution it was on a rather depressing note. My mentee Meena at 16, did not really know much English and it was quite a challenge to get her to comprehend the language.

Things have become better. I initially blundered on by just working through Meena's class ten lessons. Since this was too advanced for Meena, it bored and tired her. It also did not do much to her confidence. Finally decided to switch tactics and borrowed the Class 1 text book of my colleague's son.

This seems to have really made a difference. We spent one happy hour mastering 'am', 'are' and 'is' and articles, common nouns, proper nouns etc. The text book gave me an idea on how to start teaching Meena English and also gave some structure in terms of what to teach her first and what next. Meena also has responded well in the last couple of classes since the sentences are simple and she is begining to get a grasp of the fundamentals of the language. Hopefully, she should be able to progress to reading simple books in another four weeks.

Friday, September 16, 2005

It's Love! Stupid!


I have always challenged my thinking that what does a child, rooted inpoverty, struggling for everyday needs, malnourished, traumatized bythe environment gain by a relationship with an outsider who spends around an hour every week.

Well this is the central strategy of NalandaWay in all its projects that aim at helping children overcome challenges to do extraordinary things.

I always had answers, the mentor helps the child in tuitions, invites the child to her family for dinner, she provides health tips to anadolescent girl, guides her to make career choices. Very valid reasons. But I wanted more.

My interaction with Dr. Emma Gonsalvez, eminent Psychiatrist and Counselor, today was an eye opener. This beautiful old lady very poignantly reminded me that it is the feeling of being wanted, being loved, someone to always reach out to in the midst of morbidity, the central and the most spiritual benefit a child derives from the relationship.

It's Love! Stupid!

I am a happy man today.


Thursday, September 01, 2005


Today I feel really happy b'cos my mentee Latha has been awarded a scholarship in college for excelling in her exams. This is awarded to the top four students who score more than 80%, Latha being one of them. This is a cash scholarship which will be adjusted against her semester fees. It's been great just to hear her sound so excited. She is a hardworking girl who really deserves this award. And it's amazing how much someone else's happiness rubs of on you. It's so infectious. I just feel happy that we could be a part of her life.