Wednesday, August 24, 2005

hi all

dear all,

this is my first blog n frankly nothing much comes to my mind to log.

k let me tell u a lil abt my mentee - his name is praveen and is 7 years old. he is an adorable kid n quite smart for his age. he has a fabulous memory n picks up things real fast like most kids do.

its been around 1 year since we started the relationship n its been quite an experience for me. its always fascinating to observe how he perceives things arnd him n how differently he views the world.

its an enriching experience everytime i meet him n praveens parents -they are real supportive parents who are stretching the max to provide praveen a good education n all the comforts (most of them they can ill afford given their financial inflows).

thats it for now - will keep blogging...

take care


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