Friday, September 16, 2005

It's Love! Stupid!


I have always challenged my thinking that what does a child, rooted inpoverty, struggling for everyday needs, malnourished, traumatized bythe environment gain by a relationship with an outsider who spends around an hour every week.

Well this is the central strategy of NalandaWay in all its projects that aim at helping children overcome challenges to do extraordinary things.

I always had answers, the mentor helps the child in tuitions, invites the child to her family for dinner, she provides health tips to anadolescent girl, guides her to make career choices. Very valid reasons. But I wanted more.

My interaction with Dr. Emma Gonsalvez, eminent Psychiatrist and Counselor, today was an eye opener. This beautiful old lady very poignantly reminded me that it is the feeling of being wanted, being loved, someone to always reach out to in the midst of morbidity, the central and the most spiritual benefit a child derives from the relationship.

It's Love! Stupid!

I am a happy man today.


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