Sunday, October 16, 2005


Amidst all the navarathri hustle-bustle, meeting people and sweets galore one guest made it even more special for me. Yes it was Latha. I always knew that she would accept my invitation and drop in for the golu but I was really touched with the gesture that she showed by gifting me a doll for my golu collection. We spent a good one hour chatting like old friends and discussing golu. Of course it did not end here, she also invited me to her place for golu.

Honestly speaking, I was amazed to see the effort that everyone in Latha's family had taken to set up the golu. And true to the Indian spirit the golu was complete with a cricket display. Latha and her family went out of their way to make Sriram and me comfortable.

By the way, encouraged by the effort that Anitha has taken to teach her mentee english, i would like to start the same for Latha, who wishes to have fluency in spoken english. She's thrilled and we should probably start her coaching soon.

And last but not the least, due to the rains we thought we would help a few needy families by providing them some provisions. I asked Latha if she needed any help. And she completely blew me with her reply- she said that i should offer help to other families who are in dire needs of help and not her as they could manage. Hats off to her unselfishness. Thank you Latha.

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