Thursday, March 02, 2006

"Aren't you men ashamed of yourselves!"

Could children help a community raise crucial questions?

Does hearing community's problems from children raise the sensitivityand expedite the response by Government and NGOs?

May be true!

Eastside Story a joint initiative between NalandaWay and UNICEF is aproof to this debate. Eastside Story project is establishing a network of Children Media Teams in villages and slums to help mainstream media, policy makers, NGOs and Government take notice of problems as perceived by children.

Recently the first all girls team from Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu state, have produced a short film titled "Kalvettu". This film is creating waves in the district. The film is being screened at 4 to 5 villages everyday with the help of Government and local NGOs. This film addresses domestic violence, children abuse, alcoholism and a child's perception of this problem.

The film is a true life story of a little boy and his family. The story was mentioned in an earlier mail of mine to this group.

"Aren't you men ashamed of yourselves!". This was a comment made bya middle aged visibly angry woman when the film was screened in Varattanapalli village. This village has very high incidence of alcoholism and child labour.

Children are asking questions! And women who are the major victims ofany community issue are using this as arsenal in the fight for justice and equality.

Men beware!

Photos of the screening at Varattanapalli village can be viewed here
Gallery: Kalvettu screening

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