Friday, December 02, 2016

Keertha Kumar is a 10 year old child studying in Class V in Thiruvottiyur West, Chennai.  His mother is the sole bread winner of the family supporting her 3 children after her husband walked out of the family.

His teachers branded him as 'extremely unmanageable' since he is very mischievous and is a slow learner.  He has difficulty in identifying words and in interacting with his fellow classmates.  He spends most of his time in school playing with children from higher classes.  Keertha Kumar is an isolated student in his class.

NalandaWay's Arts in Education class in his school commenced in the second week of October. Keertha Kumar's interest was piqued and he did not venture out to play during the class.

Keertha Kumar mighty pleased after finishing his activity 

He followed all the instructions and was eager to do NalandaWay's activity.   His involvement was drastic and unexpected making his teachers exclaim "He is one happy child there".  For someone thought to be a slow learner, he was able to understand the concept, follow instructions and finish the activity.  His drawing and the usage of colours was a step ahead of other children.  To his teacher and to our delight, he is now looking forward to further NalandaWay's sessions.

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